2014/2015 Season Top 16 Predictions (In no order)


  • Toronto Raptors – Solid Starters and bench.
  • Chicago Bulls – If DRose stays healthy, they’ll do well.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – I wonder why..
  • Atlanta Hawks – JTeague/PMilsap pretty much makes the team, now AHorford is back and solid bench players.
  • Miami Heat – Great pick up of LDeng, still solid with CBosh &DWade.
  • Charlotte Hornets – AJefferson, KWalker and now great pick up of LStephenson (as well as MKGilchrist looking to play well) should be doing quite well.
  • Washington Wizards – Great pick up of PPierce and solid young team of JWall and BBeal.
  • Detroit Pistons – Coach SVangundy should turn the team around. Massive potential for ADrummond/GMonroe/CaldwellPope/Jsmith.


  • Dallas Mavericks – RCarlisle 1 of the top coaches should get the team in top 8 again. CParsons should help the team on the wing. PG position a bit weary though.
  • Houston Rockets – Dumb move for losing CParsons and JLin. Got TAriza and massive potential in the rookie though.
  • San Antonio Spurs – Coach GPopovich is pretty much the team. As long as he is coach they’ll make top 8.
  • New Orleans Pelicans – ADavies is literally killing it. Solid front and back court.
  • Oklohoma City Thunder – When KDurantt comes back they’ll start to win, but won’t win the whole thing unless JLamb and RJackon steps up.
  • Portland Trail Blazer – DLillard and LAldridge will carry the team. Bench needs to step up big.
  • Golden State Warriors – ABogut needs to stay healthy, SCurry and KThompson (Splash Bros) will keep getting buckets. AIgoudala need to step up and score.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Coach DRivers is a genius will make BGriffin and DJordan better players. Solid bench players and as always CPaul will facilitate the team.


That’s my take.

I will put up top 16 in order after mid season.

Till then homies.




Author: IW

oh and it's E-one but it's NBD :)

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