…It Has Begun!! DAY 1

The wait is over!!

Yippee yay yippee yo!


  • Orlando – THarris (Got game!) and NVucevic (Killing it as usual, getting those board and solid post moves) .
  • New Orleans – ADavis (Wow.. what a game for him, nearly got a triple double on blocks, points and rebounds, may get the MVP this season if they make 2nd round playoffs! Hope he stays healthy.)
  • San Antonio – Spurs still got it unfortunately 😦 (not a big fan of them).. it’s scary that KLeonard didn’t play and they’re still good. Freak.
  • Dallas – DNowitzki still carrying the team. Shooting the lights out and C L U T C H! Unfortunate they lost though.
  • Los Angeles – Hoping JLin steps up, but ended up playing ‘OK’. KBryant looking good though, efficiency (6/17 FG) is terrible as always. But then again who is going to score other than him? Sad news for JRandle (broken leg), another injury. Hopefully he gets better! I think he would’ve started mid season if he didn’t get injured.
  • Houston – JHarden is an offensive machine! He get BUCKETS! On the side note.. if no one steps on the bench won’t past 2nd round in the playoffs.

Overall, pretty good first day. So happy it’s back!

Peace, e1


Author: IW

oh and it's E-one but it's NBD :)

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