My Thoughts on…. Game 2 – Golden State Warriors Vs New Orleans Pelicans

I watched the whole game and I have to say Golden State are not taking New Orleans seriously..well maybe it’s just Curry. It’s the playoffs and the body language of Curry was saying “We got this..”. No way it’s going to be an easy series when you have Anthony Davis on the other team. Man he is such a beast on both ends. Watching how New Orleans set up their half court plays sucked though. They panicked¬†and pretty much put Davis on one on one offense. Not sure why Gordon and Davis play the pick and roll in the last quarter. May have worked much better than isolation for Davis vs Green. Give credit to Draymond Green who played awesome defense, however even when Davis beat Green on D there’s too much help with not enough 3 pointer shooters for New Orleans. Yes they have Eric Gordon who was on fire, but I didn’t think he made a huge impact down the stretch. He had a crucial turnover in the last 5 minutes.

I have to say, lucky Golden State has a deep bench, Barbosa and Igoudala played well and got them back into the 2nd half. And of course Thompson caught fire. If Curry don’t take them seriously next round they may lose, especially with a home court advantage for New Orleans. I just wonder what will happen when the Splash brothers go cold. It will happen sooner or later though.

How New Orleans may win next round:

  • New Orleans would definitely have to run off Golden State off the 3 point lines and close out on Curry and Thompson.
  • Anthony Davis have to start well from the 1st quarter.
  • Ryan Anderson needs to take more shots from the 3 point line. Dish and drive I say when you have Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday (coming back for game 3 I heard).

How Golden State will win? Pretty much do the same that they’ve always done before post season. Shoot the lights out, move the ball and get the Splash brothers going. Coach Kerr has freaking good plays though! far out, some of them are unstoppable.

Peace out! GSvsNO