I Freaking Hate You KOBE BRYANT……





Show off



….. HOWEVER…… just because you hate someone it doesn’t mean you don’t respect them.

Over the years I watched many highlights and games that this man has played. The more I watched him play the more I disliked him. As much as I disliked him I have to say he is one the best players to ever play the game. Although I wished he retired earlier..like maybe in 2009 season, where Phoenix Suns was knocked out in 6 games during the Western Conference Finals. Kobe took over in the last 5 minutes and shot a 3 point dagger to close the game! WE HAD A FREAKING CHANCE!!! – In the end we lost to the NBA Champions.. I guess it wasn’t too bad.

It’s weird…. by watching this man play the game you cannot deny the passion, determination, hard work, seriousness and heart he has for basketball. The hash tags #ballislife and #ballaboveall are definitely worth to be trademarked by this man. I learnt that to be a better baller than the rest you need to have a mindset of ‘I am the best’ every time you step on the court (of course don’t get me wrong…it needs to be backed up by your skills that comes from the blood, sweat and tears from practice…behind closed doors….not by having the latest basketball equipment or expecting to be amazing just in games). Come on…Kobe Bryant would not be Kobe Bryant without those 6 negative descriptive words that I used in my introduction… am I right or am I right? But that’s the truth.. you cannot be the best in the league without those qualities – Again, don’t get me wrong… he SHOWED these qualities to everyone (critics, fans, opponents, media) with HIS GAME DURING A GAME not by his words or body language off the court.(Well maybe sometimes he does it here and there, for example: Reporter – Kobe what are your thoughts about Linsanity? How will your team stop him?  Kobe – Hold your horses…Who is that? I have never heard of that guy….. The next game Lin dropped 30+ points on the Lakers. Ha!) Then again that’s the beauty of watching his game. You hate him so much because he is that good!

Why he is a Hog? Because he is the best player in his team.

Why is he Arrogant? Because he is the best player in his team.

Why is he Selfish? Because he win games no matter what.

Why is he Overconfident? Because he knows he is going to win.

Why is he a Show off? Because it won’t be as entertaining to watch if he isn’t.

Why is he Cocky? Because he is Kobe Bryant #5rings


Listening to the commentators too I learnt that it was quite entertaining watching Kobe play from knocking tough fadeaways to posterising players to ankle breakers to buzzer beaters to guarding the best offensive player and most importantly, THE closer of any game!

Well that is it… the end of an era for KOBE BRYANT… it will be really weird not seeing the #24 on the court in the (ugliest) yellow and purple uniform. Maybe he will follow the footsteps of Michael Jordan and come out of a retirement at the age of 40ish? You never know! 20 years in the league with 1 team…respect.

One of the best is gone (Better than Jordan??? That is for another debate for another time)… it looks like its Curry’s era for now.


Apr 13, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant (24) waves to the crowd as he walks on the court before a game against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. Bryant concludes his 20-year NBA career tonight. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


5 x NBA Champion

2 x NBA Finals MVP


18 x NBA All Star

4 x NBA All Star MVP

9 x NBA All Defensive First Team

2 x NBA Scoring Champion

1 x NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion

2 x Gold Medal Olympic  Games



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