1st round started……Calling it.

After the first game of the first round of the NBA playoffs here are my predictions:


1st round

  • GSW Vs HOU – 4:0 (Easy win for GSW even if Curry is out for the series…. they are just too good for the Rockets)
  • LAC Vs POR – 4:1 (Lillard and Mcollum bound to get hot however Paul/Griffin are back)
  • OKC Vs DAL – 4:2 (Durant and Westbrook are on fire… but I still think Dallas will come back with 2 wins at home)
  • SAS Vs MEM – 4:0 (Too easy for the Spurs..their defense are ridiculous…)

2nd round

  • GSW Vs LAC – 4:1 (If Curry is healthy it would be an easy match up.. they are just too good)
  • OKC Vs SAS – 2:4 (Leonard will lock down either Westbrook or Durant and their bench are way too deep)

3rd round

  • GSW Vs SAS – 4:3 (The best match up of the playoffs right here… IT IS GONNA BE GOOD!!!! I still think GSW will take this series.. better shooters and playmakers. All comes down to 3s for GSW vs locking down shooter for SAS)



1st round

  • CLE Vs DET – 4:3 (Yes… I think Pistons have a chance to win and it will be tight. They are a good team.. but will fall short)
  • ATL Vs BOS – 4:3 (Boston could go all the way I reckon but I found out Bradley is out for the series and he is one of their best defenders… dang! Big blow for them)
  • MIA Vs CHA – 4:2 (Miami dominated in the paint and they will do so for the whole series unless Kemba gets hot)
  • TOR Vs IND – 4:3 (Lowry and Derozan will start scoring in the next couple of games however they will need to lock down PG… if not they will lose… so sad if they do. They have a sick atmosphere up there in the North)

2nd round

  • CLE Vs ATL – 4:2 (Easy match up for LBJ…he will dominate…. no one can slow him down again this year. ATL has the exact same team unfortunately)
  • MIA Vs TOR – 4:2 (MIA will dominate the paint and now they have a consistent outside shooter from Joe Johnson. I think TOR will choke again… sorry)

3rd round

  • CLE Vs MIA – 4:3 (50/50 about this match up however it will come down  to LBJ dominating down low. Can’t see anyone stopping him once he goes down there and shooters from the 3 point line)



  • GSW Vs CLE – 4:2 (I think GSW will step up their game and dominate. Execution on set plays and defense will be too good. Barnes, Thompson, Igoudala and Green will take turn defending LBJ, Irving and Love but I don’t see anyone stopping Curry, Thompson, Green and Barnes on the defensive end for CLE. Delladova can only play defense on Curry for a little while but by putting him on, 1 less offensive player for CLE on the court and can Irving play solid Defense on Curry??? Shumpert will get beat off the dribble or getting hammered by screens for Thompson, Green will burn Thompson/Love on the dribble or 3s. Will LBJ lock down Curry that is the question…) 2peat for GSW. #hateitorloveit #itiswhatitis



Author: IW

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