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So…. we went to a popular restaurant at around 5.30pm one night and the wait for it was 2 and a half hours long for a table of 5. Since we were hungry and need a quick feed, we rocked up at Cookie. Pretty cool as it is not out in the open where people can see the restaurant from the outside, therefore I assume not a lot of people know about this place as it was not booked out. However I was told that people would flood in at around 7nish.. and the waitress was not wrong!

So we ordered:

  • Drunken noodles – they do not frickin mess with the chilli in this one. Spicy as heck.. but man it was a real good kick (if you like spicy). Just be ready with the water … or milk.
  • Green beans with fish sauce – nothing too special with this dish, we just wanted some vegetables as we ordered a tonne of meat! Don’t be surprised if there are only 2 pieces of fish on the dish, as it is mainly ‘fish sauce’.
  • Pork platter – this dish was quite interesting. We realised after eating the platter that we were supposed to wrap the meat with the lettuce and add the sauce inside it.. just like a wrap. Crackling pork and the sausage pork was nice. The sauce(s) again were spicy and had a good kick. Pork lovers will enjoy this dish. Enough to share with 4 people I reckon, also comes with sticky rice!
  • Whole fried chicken – really good fried chicken! The spice was perfect, not too salty. And man there were a lot of chicken! So good! I think this was my favourite dish. Must order if you have a group of boys.. and add some rice as we had 4 of the following dishes and it was filling!

Would defs come back as the service was awesome, vibe was awesome, music was awesome, food was awesome (came out quickly too)… the waitress was also heaps nice to me while I was ordering!! People may not like the fact that you have to go to the bar to order though… however I had no issue with it.

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oh and it's E-one but it's NBD :)

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