Hardware Societe

Melbourne CBD


Woke up one morning and decided to check out the hype in Hardware Societe. The street has a lot of legit cafes… like there are lines in every single cafe – 45 minutes wait on average… crazy!!! We went around 11am and the wait was 45 minutes for a table of 4.

First impression when walking in was the bright wallpapers which gives it a morning looking vibe… pretty colourful too. I ordered the baked eggs DEUX and cold drip (first timer…not a coffee drinker..sorry). When the cold drip came out it was setup pretty nicely. Came with syrup and milk. Picture below. I see why people drink this stuff… it was very smooth… like smoovveeee…


Now to the baked eggs… its frickin hot…. but good hot! I had chorizo, baked eggs, potatoes and it was delicious! My first time trying baked eggs… and it did not disappoint. (I assume they just put the ingredients in an oven pot and shove it in the oven?? Smart..gotta try this stuff at home) The aoli, peppers, eggs and chorizo balanced really well. The best part of the dish I think are the toasted almonds! I did not realise how amazing breakfast would be with it… crazy! When you take a spoonful of the dish with an almond in it….BOOM!! The flavour of the almond bursts in your mouth and now you will be hunting to get an almond in every bite…no joke..


Verdict? Worth the wait, not too pricey and quick service. So good…


The Hardware Societe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: IW

oh and it's E-one but it's NBD :)

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