Once upon a time an ESL student who has a name that people will awkwardly pronounce once they see it for the first time. From Ione to Ewan to Ian to Ivan to Evan to Iwen… It don’t matter though I like having multiple identities 🙂 .. no but seriously anyone can call me by anything.. I just need a weird blog title to get people visiting my blog… few nicknames that I got over the years.. Ewing to WIng to Iwang to Ling Ling to E to Wangles to anything that starts with E.

Below are a few of my favourite things:


My dream goal is to visit all states in USofA and watch a home game of all NBA teams… so far I have only attended Portland Trail Blazers home game and have visited 3 times, to 10 different states.. yes that’s right…no home games were on while I visited/lived there…. 1 down 29 to go!!!

Top 5 states/cities that I have visited thus far:
– Chicago
– Oregon
– San Francisco
– Georgia
– Hollywood

OK that’s it… till next time! #GoTheBeavs #OSUAllTheWay #OneWay


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