1st round started……Calling it.

After the first game of the first round of the NBA playoffs here are my predictions:


1st round

  • GSW Vs HOU – 4:0 (Easy win for GSW even if Curry is out for the series…. they are just too good for the Rockets)
  • LAC Vs POR – 4:1 (Lillard and Mcollum bound to get hot however Paul/Griffin are back)
  • OKC Vs DAL – 4:2 (Durant and Westbrook are on fire… but I still think Dallas will come back with 2 wins at home)
  • SAS Vs MEM – 4:0 (Too easy for the Spurs..their defense are ridiculous…)

2nd round

  • GSW Vs LAC – 4:1 (If Curry is healthy it would be an easy match up.. they are just too good)
  • OKC Vs SAS – 2:4 (Leonard will lock down either Westbrook or Durant and their bench are way too deep)

3rd round

  • GSW Vs SAS – 4:3 (The best match up of the playoffs right here… IT IS GONNA BE GOOD!!!! I still think GSW will take this series.. better shooters and playmakers. All comes down to 3s for GSW vs locking down shooter for SAS)



1st round

  • CLE Vs DET – 4:3 (Yes… I think Pistons have a chance to win and it will be tight. They are a good team.. but will fall short)
  • ATL Vs BOS – 4:3 (Boston could go all the way I reckon but I found out Bradley is out for the series and he is one of their best defenders… dang! Big blow for them)
  • MIA Vs CHA – 4:2 (Miami dominated in the paint and they will do so for the whole series unless Kemba gets hot)
  • TOR Vs IND – 4:3 (Lowry and Derozan will start scoring in the next couple of games however they will need to lock down PG… if not they will lose… so sad if they do. They have a sick atmosphere up there in the North)

2nd round

  • CLE Vs ATL – 4:2 (Easy match up for LBJ…he will dominate…. no one can slow him down again this year. ATL has the exact same team unfortunately)
  • MIA Vs TOR – 4:2 (MIA will dominate the paint and now they have a consistent outside shooter from Joe Johnson. I think TOR will choke again… sorry)

3rd round

  • CLE Vs MIA – 4:3 (50/50 about this match up however it will come down  to LBJ dominating down low. Can’t see anyone stopping him once he goes down there and shooters from the 3 point line)



  • GSW Vs CLE – 4:2 (I think GSW will step up their game and dominate. Execution on set plays and defense will be too good. Barnes, Thompson, Igoudala and Green will take turn defending LBJ, Irving and Love but I don’t see anyone stopping Curry, Thompson, Green and Barnes on the defensive end for CLE. Delladova can only play defense on Curry for a little while but by putting him on, 1 less offensive player for CLE on the court and can Irving play solid Defense on Curry??? Shumpert will get beat off the dribble or getting hammered by screens for Thompson, Green will burn Thompson/Love on the dribble or 3s. Will LBJ lock down Curry that is the question…) 2peat for GSW. #hateitorloveit #itiswhatitis


73 W – 9 L

Golden State Warriors (GSW).. what else can you say about them.

They showed the critics, fans, opponents, legends and the world that it was no fluke that they won the Finals in 2015 against Cleveland Cavaliers. Whether the Cavs had a full team or not, they have been the center of attention this season by beating the Chicago Bulls (95-96) record of 72 W and 10 L. How?! STOP IT. ACTUALLY DON’T STOP!!

Not only they beat the Bulls winning record, they have also smashed some crazy statistics making new records of their own. (Speak. We’re listening)

The amount of pressure having to win night in and night out, back to back games, on the road, players injured, no head coach for the first quarter of the season….Just WOW! Glad that they beat the record on the last regular season game against the Grizzlies. Imagine if they tied the record… Next day’s main sport headline – “GSW tied the 95-96 Bulls record. They are not better than the Bulls after all.” Knowing that if they lose 1 game after the hot start all the negativity will come at them. Being the best comes with harsh critics. Any mistakes they make, whether small or large, you will hear it. I was really surprised after losing each game (Total of 9) they came back better, faster and stronger (Thanks Kanye… you da real MVP). No doubts crept in especially when they lost the 2 ‘easy win’ home games in the last stretch.

I just don’t know how they will be stopped in the playoffs…. seriously. Their ball movements and set plays are just unstoppable. All players from the starters to the bench are all respected on the offensive side. Curry just won’t stop knocking down 3s (especially in clutch moments), Thompson just a flat out shooter, Green point forward that can shoot and make plays, Barnes a high flyer and streaky shooter, Bogut a big man that can pass, Igoudala – clutch, Livingston a legit guard that can post up against smaller guards, Speights can knock down mid range and now 3s, Ezeli – energy center off the bench and I’m just talking about offense….only. DAYM!

Now for defense – Short and simple – Igoudala, Thompson, Green and Barnes can play lock down defense against any teams’ best offensive player(s). Good luck on trying to score buckets…


The only team that can beat GSW are….. the Spurs (Lose Spurs Lose) however that topic is for another time, another post.

I still genuinely think Coach Mark Jackson paved the way for Steve Kerr. Jackson created all the team chemistry and confidence within the locker room. He did all the hard work however did not get much credit. Yes, he didn’t get along with management and assistant coaches, however he made them to a playoff contender after 2 seasons with the team (40+ wins in the first season and 50+ wins in the second season before getting fired). Rough, but hey it’s business…. Fingers crossed they will keep the same team for the next 5 years or so.. Steph can also get 6+ rings.. you never know!

GSW had one goal, to beat the unbeatable, to repeat, now it’s show time, NBA PLAYOFFS!!!! Go get that ring!! #becomeLegendary




I Freaking Hate You KOBE BRYANT……





Show off



….. HOWEVER…… just because you hate someone it doesn’t mean you don’t respect them.

Over the years I watched many highlights and games that this man has played. The more I watched him play the more I disliked him. As much as I disliked him I have to say he is one the best players to ever play the game. Although I wished he retired earlier..like maybe in 2009 season, where Phoenix Suns was knocked out in 6 games during the Western Conference Finals. Kobe took over in the last 5 minutes and shot a 3 point dagger to close the game! WE HAD A FREAKING CHANCE!!! – In the end we lost to the NBA Champions.. I guess it wasn’t too bad.

It’s weird…. by watching this man play the game you cannot deny the passion, determination, hard work, seriousness and heart he has for basketball. The hash tags #ballislife and #ballaboveall are definitely worth to be trademarked by this man. I learnt that to be a better baller than the rest you need to have a mindset of ‘I am the best’ every time you step on the court (of course don’t get me wrong…it needs to be backed up by your skills that comes from the blood, sweat and tears from practice…behind closed doors….not by having the latest basketball equipment or expecting to be amazing just in games). Come on…Kobe Bryant would not be Kobe Bryant without those 6 negative descriptive words that I used in my introduction… am I right or am I right? But that’s the truth.. you cannot be the best in the league without those qualities – Again, don’t get me wrong… he SHOWED these qualities to everyone (critics, fans, opponents, media) with HIS GAME DURING A GAME not by his words or body language off the court.(Well maybe sometimes he does it here and there, for example: Reporter – Kobe what are your thoughts about Linsanity? How will your team stop him?  Kobe – Hold your horses…Who is that? I have never heard of that guy….. The next game Lin dropped 30+ points on the Lakers. Ha!) Then again that’s the beauty of watching his game. You hate him so much because he is that good!

Why he is a Hog? Because he is the best player in his team.

Why is he Arrogant? Because he is the best player in his team.

Why is he Selfish? Because he win games no matter what.

Why is he Overconfident? Because he knows he is going to win.

Why is he a Show off? Because it won’t be as entertaining to watch if he isn’t.

Why is he Cocky? Because he is Kobe Bryant #5rings


Listening to the commentators too I learnt that it was quite entertaining watching Kobe play from knocking tough fadeaways to posterising players to ankle breakers to buzzer beaters to guarding the best offensive player and most importantly, THE closer of any game!

Well that is it… the end of an era for KOBE BRYANT… it will be really weird not seeing the #24 on the court in the (ugliest) yellow and purple uniform. Maybe he will follow the footsteps of Michael Jordan and come out of a retirement at the age of 40ish? You never know! 20 years in the league with 1 team…respect.

One of the best is gone (Better than Jordan??? That is for another debate for another time)… it looks like its Curry’s era for now.


Apr 13, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Kobe Bryant (24) waves to the crowd as he walks on the court before a game against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. Bryant concludes his 20-year NBA career tonight. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


5 x NBA Champion

2 x NBA Finals MVP


18 x NBA All Star

4 x NBA All Star MVP

9 x NBA All Defensive First Team

2 x NBA Scoring Champion

1 x NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion

2 x Gold Medal Olympic  Games


…It Has Begun!! DAY 1

The wait is over!!

Yippee yay yippee yo!


  • Orlando – THarris (Got game!) and NVucevic (Killing it as usual, getting those board and solid post moves) .
  • New Orleans – ADavis (Wow.. what a game for him, nearly got a triple double on blocks, points and rebounds, may get the MVP this season if they make 2nd round playoffs! Hope he stays healthy.)
  • San Antonio – Spurs still got it unfortunately 😦 (not a big fan of them).. it’s scary that KLeonard didn’t play and they’re still good. Freak.
  • Dallas – DNowitzki still carrying the team. Shooting the lights out and C L U T C H! Unfortunate they lost though.
  • Los Angeles – Hoping JLin steps up, but ended up playing ‘OK’. KBryant looking good though, efficiency (6/17 FG) is terrible as always. But then again who is going to score other than him? Sad news for JRandle (broken leg), another injury. Hopefully he gets better! I think he would’ve started mid season if he didn’t get injured.
  • Houston – JHarden is an offensive machine! He get BUCKETS! On the side note.. if no one steps on the bench won’t past 2nd round in the playoffs.

Overall, pretty good first day. So happy it’s back!

Peace, e1