When I first saw the pop up stand at Town Hall I did not know what it was. I looked closer and it was scrolls!!! I love scrolls. They had all sorts of flavours. Nutella. Peanut butter. Cinnamon. But I just had to go for the cookies and cream, apparently it was the best! And it was! The first bite was amazing! It was so soft and filled with cookies and cream filling. They really didn’t go stingy with the fillings. Definitely check them out for some sweet loving scrolls.


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La Renaissance… you’ve done it again!

So I am always critical with cakes cause I believe all cakes taste the same.. Nothing special.. just looks good but the taste are always a let down. But man this place surprised me.. I thought to myself .. Man why am I paying for this crap.. So expensive.. boy oh boy when I had the first bite of the Goya cake.. blew my mind! Perfect! Soft and flavoursome with a just perfect citrus hit. It wasn’t too sweet nor creamy not fatty. I could pretty much eat this cake all day everyday and I will still feel good about myself. I also tried the white chocolate cake. So beautifully presented and tasted really good!!!! Sad you have to cut cakes.. you can tell the bakers or maker whatever you call the people that makes it puts so much effort into making these cakes. Quality!!! 5 out of 5 other than the price.. but hey you pay for what you get. Love it!

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